Far Cry 4: Draining, Predictable, Boring

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Far Cry 4 got a lot of attention when it was announced mainly because people were extremely happy with how Far Cry 3 turn out and they were looking forward to experiencing the same with the next game but it is clear that the fans were not impressed with the game at all.

While we do agree that they were parts that were fun and nice, it feels like the negative outshone the positive at the end of the day. So players feel like Far Cry 4 was just a rough copy of Far Cry 3 while other think that the developers wanted to make the game so action pack that they forgot to give their player some time to appreciate what they have done.

According to the players, the moment they got the time to slowly take in the environment, something will pop up and they will have to forget about appreciating the game and only focus on all the action.

Other felt like the game was just like the other open world game out there. The story is predictable and there was nothing to separate the Far Cry 4 from the rest. There were also players that did not like the fraction leaders that Ubisoft choose for the game. All of this might be why nobody is really talking about Far Cry 4 right now.

Of course, not everything is bad. Some player thinks that the gun play in the game was great and that the story was good.

It has just been reported that the Director of Far Cry 4 has now left Ubisoft and the fans seem happy about it. Alex Hutchinson was also the Director for the game Assasin Creed 3, another game that did not get the support of the fans. Some people are now saying that him leaving might actually benefit Ubisoft. What do you think?

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