Fans Of Mass Effect Andromeda Side-Eye Multi-Player Mode

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The Mass Effect series of games are best played solo according to the majority of people.

The game has always been known as a single player game that compromises offers a one of a kind galactic simulation experience. With Mass Effect 3 Bioware have gone down the route of multiplayer and this hasn’t pleased too many fans.

Fans have said that multiplayer gaming has an adverse effect on Mass Effect 3 and worse still is the news that the new sequel is also going to feature multiplayer mode.

The news about this came from a Twitter posting from someone who is said to be involved in making the game. They said that Mass Effect Andromeda would arrive with a multiplayer mode and there will not be specified servers. Instead there will be a peer-to-peer feature that is going to be similar to Mass Effect 3.

So it does look as though the old issues are going to crop up in Mass Effect Andromeda. If gamers want to see an alternate ending they are going to be forced to team up. They may also see some lags if the counterpart has high pings.

Multiplayer mode in Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t going to be a fun feature of the game and now fans are keeping their fingers crossed that this isn’t going to be built into the main player mode.

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