Fallout 76: Steam Will Have Not Part In It?

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Bethesda has been hyping up the upcoming Fallout game Fallout 76 for some time now and now they have revealed some new information about the game.

Set to be one of the biggest game of 2018, Bethesda has now announced that Fallout 76 will not be sold at Steam as the game will be sold exclusively on which is surprising since the previous Fallout games were released on Steam.

Of course, offering it on their own platform would mean that they won’t have to pay Valve their cut of the sales, which is great for Bethesda. Of course, they will eventually release it on Steam as well but they have not revealed when it will be available on Steam.

Fallout 76 will be arriving on the 14th of November on PS4, Xbox and PC. The beta version of the game will be released in October for PS4 and Xbox One. The beta for PC has not been announced yet.

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