Fallout 76 Steam Release Date Announced With Free Update

Steam fans were upset when it was announced that the game will not be available on Steam when it was first released last year but after a few months of waiting, Steam players will finally be able to get their hands on the game.

Fallout 76 will be arriving on Steam with a free Wastelanders update which will add NPCs to the game. Bethesda also added that they will be seeling Atoms, the microtransaction currency in the game, subscriptions to the Fallout 1st program, Tricentennial Pack, Settler, and Raider content bundles and more.

PC players do need to take note that the Atoms and membership on Bethesda.net will not transfer to steam but items purchased will be shared across both platforms. Fallout 76 will be arriving on Steam on the 7th of April.

While things started off pretty shaky for the game, the various updates Bethesda made have made the game much more enjoyable for the fans.