Fallout 76: Sony In The Way Again?

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Fallout 76 will be unlike any of the Fallout games we have seen in the past as it will an online game that focuses on multiplayer. The past Fallout games were all offline single player campaign games so this is something completely new.

With the game being a full online game, some fans were wondering if the game is going to support cross-play. Well, Pete Hines clear it up today and made it clear that cross-play would not be part of the game.

According to Hines, there is a number of reasons why cross-play is not being supported but he did not elaborate. However, some people think that it could be because of Sony’s stand on cross-play. We know that Sony was blamed by Todd Howard for being the reason behind the lock of cross-play support. We do not know if this is the reason for Fallout 76 but some fans seem to think so.

Hines also shine more light on Elder Scrolls Legends and its cross-play feature.

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