Fallout 76 Players More Peaceful Than What Developer Thought

With all the hype before the release of Fallout 76, players were fairly dissapointed with what the game had to offer when it finally arrives.

Well, according to Pete Hines, one of the reasons why the game did not do as well as they thought it would be because they misjudged how the fans would play the game. They expected fans to be rushing to take part in PvP but most of their fans ended up enjoying the PvE more.

It did not help that they had a few delays for their major update. Even the upcoming Wastelanders were pushed back. Initially set to be released last year, the developer pushed it back to 2020 but it is almost here now and fans can expect to see more content coming to the game including more human NPCs, story quests, dialog trees, RPG style storytelling more.

The game will also be releasing on Steam at the same time.