Fallout 76 Nukes Will End The Game For All

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Fallout 76 will come with a new feature as Bethesda announced that players can actually gain access to nuclear weapons that are hidden in the Fallout 76 universe.

Players that find the nukes can use it to decimate areas in the map which does match the vibe of the game and all but not all fans are on board. According to Bethesda, getting the nukes will not be easy as players will need to find a set of codes from specific enemies in the world.

With the codes, they will be granted access into a hidden nuclear launch facility in the wasteland. Players can select a specific spot on the map to bomb. While it sounds devastating, Bethesda added that it will also grant players access to new items, rare materials, new locations, and more powerful enemies to fight after the nuclear fallout.

It all sounds good but the fans are not convinced that the codes will actually be that hard to obtain and that those that have early access to the game would have already figured it out in three days so when all the others join the game, they will be nuke and it would ruin the game for all.

We are hoping that it would not turn into that but we will only know for sure when the game arrives.