Fallout 76: NPC Makes All The Difference

When Fallout 76 was first announced, it was suggested that the game will be a buzzing world populated by real-world players with tons of missions to complete but when the game arrived, fans noticed that there was something odd about the game.

While we do tend to make fun of how dead and boring NPCs can be in the game, it looks like a game without NPC is even more boring as fans were quick to point out that the world feels dead without any of the NPCs in it.

After listening to the feedbacks of their fans, the developer decided to add NPCs into the game with the Wastelanders update which made a few important changes to the game. Not only does the main quest of the game get updated but it also improves the gaming experience of their gans.

The expansion will be arriving on PC and Consoles on the 14th of April but those looking to play on Steam will be able to play it starting the 7th of April