Fallout 76 New Event Explained, Here Is What We Know

Other than the new Wastelanders DLC expansion, Fallout 76 players can also look forward to two new events that will be arriving around the same time on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The first event will be called Riding Shotgun and this will have players protect a Brahmin=led caravan from the Blood Eagle gang. Those that managed to protect will get some loot, Caps, and ZP. Players will also be asked to collect lost items from the Blue Ridge Caravan Company and players will be rewarded for doing so.

The second event is called Radiation Rumble and this will focus on strategic planning. Players will be asked to perform two jobs, defending scavengers in one place while collecting ore from another. Players will also need to gather the ore to earn hear. supplies and reputation. This event is recommended for players that are level 50 and above.

These events will go live the same day the expansion arrives.