Fallout 76: Fans Not Onboard

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The Fallout franchise has managed to gather a huge following throughout the years but it looks like a lot of the fans were not too happy with where the upcoming game, Fallout 76 is heading.

It is clear from the start that Fallout 76 will be unlike any of the previous Fallout game. Previous Fallout games were more single player focus while Bethesda has made it clear that the new game will be all about its multiplayer online play style.

Set in 2102, players will be playing as an inhabitant of Vault 76. The game is entirely online so you can team up with other players but if you want to, you can still play it solo. The game will be four times bigger than Fallout 4 with six regions to explore and players can complete quest along the way.

The unique part is that there will not be any human non-player characters in the game as all surviving humans will be controlled by active players. While it does sound interesting, the fans seem to be put off by the idea of an online Fallout game and many of them are saying that they would skip this.

What do you think?

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