Fallout 5 Will Still Be Playing Catch-Up

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It does feel like the Fallout 4 was one step behind the rest or maybe the other games that we saw in 2015 were just too good.

After seeing more than a few impressive and groundbreaking games last year like Bloodborne and The Witcher 3, we were a little disappointed with what Bethesda had to offer. Don’t get us wrong, the gameplay and the story were amazing but there was just nothing new.

They did not try out any new things and break any ground. The game was essentially just a continuation of the last game. Then there is the outdated graphic. We knew right from the start that the game will be made using the Skyrim engine so we were not expecting it to beat some of the games we saw last year but after seeing what the other games had to offer, the Fallout 4 just wasn’t that impressive.

Since they were a little behind now, will they also be behind when they release the next installment of the game?