Fallout 5 Multiplayer Mode Could Happen?

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The last Fallout game was released a few years ago and fans are itching to get their hands on the next game but so far, we have not seen or heard anything from Bethesda yet.

According to some reports, we might see Fallout 5 at E3 this year but so far, we have not seen anything that indicates that that might happen. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed for now.

There was some speculation that with the rise of multiplayer games, the next Fallout game could offer a multiplayer mode. According to Todd Howard, everytime a game is made, they would also design a multiplayer mode just to see if it will work but it does not always make it to the final game. As much as we enjoy some multiplayer game, we think that adding it to the Fallout 5 game would be changing the game too much and it would not be the Fallout that we love so much.

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