Fallout 5: First Signs Of Development Direction Hinted

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Fallout 4 has been widely-received as a darn good game; something that Bethesda should be very proud of for the overall positive response. But like most gamers, we tend to be a little greedy as we’ll want more along the way. That’s when the next question arrives: Is there going to be a sequel?

We hear that Fallout: New Vegas’ developer Obsidian Entertainment had expressed immense interest in returning to the franchise, even before Bethesda announced its Fallout 4. So that just means two things: there’s a possibility that the 5th chapter could be in works, and that it could be taken over by Obsidian Entertainment instead.

That could be further confirmed when Obsidian’s writer and designer Eric Fenstermaker replied to a fan on Twitter, saying that he’s “always up for working on a Fallout… [It’s a] really fun property to work with.” And there’s no denying in that, though with the presence of some of the most hilarious glitches and numerous bugs.

Are you looking forward to the Fallout 5? Do you think that Obsidian would do a better job compared to Bethesda’s seemingly unbeatable game?

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