Fallout 4 Told Lies To PS4 Pro

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Back in November 2016 the developer of Fallout 4 said through Twitter that the game would get PS4 Pro support. They said that it would be released as an open world game via an upcoming title update. But were they telling lies as there still hasn’t been any sign of the update for owners of the PS4 Pro?

Bethesda has gone quiet about Fallout 4 for the PS4 Pro and this has led gamers to wonder if it is going to arrive. Over on Reddit gamers have been talking about the possible delay and some say that it will come, while others are not so sceptical about its arrival.

Bethesda did say that the next update for Fallout 4 was going to bring PS4 Pro support, but is it true as we haven’t heard anything about it since the announcement on Twitter.

Of course in the past Bethesda has known to be quiet about things and then gone ahead and revealed them. For the time being PS4 Pro owners are keeping their fingers crossed that it’s the same this time around.

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