Fallout 4: There Is A Clearer Guide To Setting Up Your Supply Lines

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Fallout 4 came out from Bethesda and while they did do a superb job with the game there was one thing that wasn’t made clear and this was how to set up the supply lines that came with the Sanctuary Building quest.

They did give some instructions on how to set it up the supply lines but they weren’t all that clear to some people, so we have given you an easier to understand guide.

First in Fallout 4 you need to invest in Charisma Tree > Local Leader and this allows you to send caravans back and forth between the settlements. When this has been done you will be able to share the resources that you managed to collect through the Workshop, with other settlements.

When you enter into Workshop mode you are then able to pick a settler and wait a while until it becomes a provisioner. When this happens you can go ahead and share the resources that you collected.