Fallout 4 Ocean May Hold Secrets: Rapture Underwater City DLC and More

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In the Oblivion game players found a hidden helmet and now thoughts have turned to what Fallout 4 might offer with some wondering if the large oceans in the game could reveal hidden secrets such as the Rapture Underwater City DLC and more.

This came about after people found the harpoon weapon along with the aqua boy perk and talk turned to Fallout 4 and the fact that maybe it could have a city hidden underneath the ocean and it may come our way by way of a DLC.

There are some gamers that believe we could see the DLC for Fallout 4 very soon and they are hoping that when it arrives it isn’t going to arrive filled with plenty of issues and bugs.

So are you hoping that there is going to be an ocean hidden in Fallout 4 and it is going to come out by way of a DLC?