Fallout 4: Here Is A Better Guide To Getting Your Supply Line Up And Running

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Fallout has been revealed by Bethesda and while overall they have managed to do a great job with the game there is something that they haven’t made clear enough. The game has the Sanctuary Building quest in it and this allows gamers to get a supply line up and running so that they are able to use the resources that they have collected along the way.

While Bethesda did give gamers some idea about how to set up the lines, they really didn’t make it all that clear. So if you have been struggling here is an easy way of setting up your supply line.

First of all you should invest a point in the Charisma Tree > Local Leader so that you are able to send caravans out to and from settlements. When you have done this you will be able to share some of the resources in the Workshop with other settlements.

When you are in Workshop mode you will be able to choose a settler and then wait until it becomes a provisioner and then you can go ahead and share the resources.