Fallout 4 DLC: Falling Out Of Surprises Already

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It’s been the most talked about game for the entire last year, and ever since Bethesda announced for a Fallout 4 DLC, it’s gotten the Internet insane left, right and centre. But is it worth that much to be hyped up about it? What should we be expecting from the downloadable content that we didn’t get to enjoy in the original game?

Nothing much. Yep, we’re serious. That’s because we’ve heard a trickle coming straight from the horse’s mouth in the form of Pete Hines who took to Twitter to answer some of the most serious of questions we’ve had lingering at the back of our minds. It seems that we wouldn’t be given much of a faction-decision, because eventually you’ll have to pick one.

And also how we wouldn’t be able to see any extra, exciting footages until we got closer to the launch of the DLC. That’s quite a bummer, if we must say so ourselves. And since we have literally little or none of the details regarding the actual release date, we can’t say for sure if it’s going to keep the fans’ interests for long.

Let’s just keep this in our prayers tonight; hoping that the DLC would be as favourable as we’d expect to see in one.

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