Fallout 4 Clear and Easy Guide To Set Up Your Supply Line

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Fallout 4 is from Bethesda and the game has been enjoyed by many but there is one thing that they didn’t do very well and this is give easy to follow instructions for the set-up of the Supply Lines. These come with the Sanctuary Building quest and allow players to share all the resources they gained in the game.

Bethesda did offer instructions but they were anything but clear. This led to some confusion and left many gamers struggling when it came to setting up their supply lines. So if this applies to you, you can follow the guide here.

One of the first things that you should do is invest in Charisma Tree > Local Leader and you can then send out caravans to and from the settlements and share all of the resources with the settlements.

You can then head to Workshop mode and pick a settler from the supply line at the bottom and wait for it to become a provisioner. You can then share all the resources.