Fallout 4: BoS Soldier Means Gamers Get Unlimited Fusion Core

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Gamers looking to get hold of fusion core in Fallout 4 may want to check out a post on Reddit and there is even better news as there is a way for gamers to get hold of unlimited fusion core.

The Redditor said that there is a BoS soldier in Fallout 4 that respawns fusion core every time you take it away from him. This means that you can continue to repeat the process to get unlimited fusion core from him.

The gamer told us that you can find the BoS soldier at the Boston Airport and he is at the entrance to the long hallway. Anyone who wants more help in getting unlimited fusion core can check out Reddit.

If you do this you should be aware that Reddit does contain some spoilers and you may want to be careful if you don’t want to spoil the Fallout 4 game.