Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Release Date Bomb Drops

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We’d like to tell you the actual release date, but all we have is actually a release month. And it’s March. Sure, it’s March 10 now and we’re still nowhere near in getting the actual release dates for the Automatron DLC. Well, better than nothing at all, right?

If you’ve guessed that the DLC is going to be involving robots (because, well, it’s pretty easy to tell from the name), you’re right. The story comes about that there’s seemingly a throng of robots making their way to the Commonwealth. And players are expected to be creating their own cyborg buddies.

So it might somewhat get you reminded of Pokemon, just that the companions you’ll be getting straight off the DLC wouldn’t be as cute. Unless you find robots ridiculously cute. Bethesda even mentioned the possibility of players being able to mod their own custom robots through hundreds of mods, and even customizing their paint schemes and choose their voices. That’s way too cool, no?

Do remember to stay tuned for more updates as we’ll be providing you with first-hand information should the official release date be announced.

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