Facelift of Mazda 3 Buries Mazdaspeed In History

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It has been said that it would be great if Mazda brought back the Mazdaspeed brand name. The Mazda 3 is a superb vehicle; however it doesn’t offer the same performance that used to put smiles on the faces of people when they made the school run.

The Mazda 3 should be getting a makeover next year so perhaps it could end up being the Mazdaspeed. When the CX-9 was launched Mazda said they have finished up the development of the SkyActiv engines, which come with turbochargers.

These new engines are going to be seen in the new Mazda cars and so we expect it to be used in the new Mazda 3 heading our way. This means that the vehicle should offer better fuel economy along with having more power.

At the moment the Mazda 3 offers 184 horses, but with the new turbochargers it may go past the 200 horsepower mark. If this is so then the Mazda 3 may end up being the Mazdaspeed replacement.

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