Facebook Messenger VoIP Free Calling Now For US Too

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The Facebook Messenger VoIP calling service that was exclusive to Canada has now made its way to the US.

Facebook Messenger VoIP calling now available in US too

Facebook made the confirmation and said that it would start rolling out to users in the US from today and that it doesn’t require updating through the App Store. At the moment video calling isn’t included, so this means that the attack on FaceTime isn’t full frontal. However as Facebook has such a large user base, this could change and they may attack full on at any time.

I tried it out in Canada; however it is the Americans that are known for hitting a service hard. So let’s see how it stands up to a bigger user base. Do check it out and let us know what you think.

If you don’t have Facebook Messenger yet, it is free in the App Store so don’t hesitate to download it. No word on what other countries are next for Facebook’s VoIP free service.

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