Facebook For iPhone & iPad Updated, Kills Off Messenger App Needs

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Owners of the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPod Touch or the Apple iPad Mini might want to head over and download the update to Facebook 5.4 for iOS as the app comes with new features.

Facebook app for iPhone & iPad gets update

One of these is that moments can be shared with voice messages and users have the option to send voice messages if you find that you have more to say and you don’t want to use the keyboard; in this case you can share videos straight from the app. Users can also share and connect using their favourite places with the improvements to the on Nearby tab.

Shared voice recordings were first seen in the Facebook messenger app and now you don’t need the messenger with the update to Facebook 5.4.

You can tap on the Nearby button, providing of course that you have location services on. To enable this you can go into iPhone settings and then choose Privacy, location services and select ON for the Facebook app. This will show you places of interest, along with events and venues that are based on the Knowledge Graph of Facebook.

If you want to record you touch and hold down the recording button and then go to the messages tab, located at the top, and then choose who you want to send a message to. Next to the text box you can click on the plus button and this opens up a new pop up box, choose Record Voice. Here you must touch and hold while talking and then release to send or just slide off the button, if you want to cancel recording.

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