Facebook Looking To Buy Whatsapp Now?

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Facebook may have taken an interest in purchasing the mobile chat app, Whatsapp reports CNET.

Facebook may be looking into buying Whatsapp

Whatsapp of course is a very popular mobile chat program that is cross platform and they were founded in 2009 in California. The app works on Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian and allows users to send messages along with photos and video. It is thought that around 100 million people use it daily and it is available in 250 countries on many platforms.

In October of 2011 the startup said that the app was serving around 1 billion messages a day, that is 41,666,667 messages per hour or 694,44 per minute or 11,574 messages a second. In a blog post the company behind it said that a small step had been taken towards their goal. This was to provide a great system for mobile users for the global market, regardless of which type of handset you chose to use.

Facebook of course recently bought Instagram and they did mention that mobile was the future. So Whatsapp certainly seems like a step in the right direction given that their Facebook Messenger app is a big part of their social service albeit not as intuitive as WhatsApp.

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