Facebook Staff Forced To Use Android Phones To See That It Sucks For Users Of Their App

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Facebook are asking and in some cases requiring that their employees use an Android phone as opposed to their own choice of OS to see just how bad the Facebook app on Android really is reports AndroidPolice.

Facebook staff ‘forced’ to use Android phone for Facebook app

There have been many minor updates to the app on the Android OS and there have even been updates that have added features into the app that no one wants and then these have been taken away virtually straight away. For the past six months the Facebook app on Android has remained the same.

One of the main problems with the app is that it uses HTML5 due to the fact that it is easier to get updates rolled out to many devices; however this makes it very slow to use. It is also packed with bugs and there are problems with syncing. There also seems to be a lack of attention paid to the user interface of the app as initially there was no sidebar. Many improvements are needed to make the Android Facebook app useable and these seem to come at a slow pace, when they come.

There is no indication as to how long employees have been asked to use the Android app for but what is clear is that employees are being made aware of just how bad the app is, so they should care more about it. Typically the company does not place high priority on mobile apps but it seems that someone at Facebook has realized how bad the app is and is putting the punishment of using it on employees.


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