Have Facebook Addiction? A Tight Slap May Help

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A San Francisco blogger who wants to be more productive and spend less time on Facebook has hired a woman to slap his face everytime he spends time on the popular social network site.

Blogger pays someone to help with his Facebook addiction

Maneesh Sethi posted on Craigslist wanting someone who would give him a slap when he veered from being productive to spending time on FaceBook. The blogger thought that spending 6 hours a day on Facebook was too much and so posted a request and got 20 people to respond to his ad.

Whether the face slapping was to get him to work harder and pay less attention to Facebook or whether it was just an excuse and he has a fetish for being slapped around face is anyone’s guess. In the video which showed him being slapped by random people, but mostly women, he is heard to say that he can be slapped all night by women as it doesn’t really hurt at all.

Facebook addiction of course is a serious problem and there are many people who find that the social network is eating up more time than they can afford to spare. Do you have similar problems? If so did you find a solution and what was it?

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