Extra Fierce Jaguar I-Pace Only A Matter Of Time

Talks about Jaguar possibly working on an even more powerful Jaguar I-Pace has been going around for some time now and while Jaguar has never confirmed anything, most people believe that it will only be a matter of time before that happens.

Jaguar took the covers off their eTrophy a few years ago giving us a taste of what the vehicle could look like when it finally arrives. According to Autocar, it was reported that the high-performance I-Pace model is more of an if right now and not a when.

It was added that we might have a wait a little longer before we see it as SVO is currently working on something else. If this is true, Jaguar will eventually come face to face with the Tesla Molde S and Model X which is known to have some pretty impressive performance on the higher-spec models.

Sadly, there is not a whole lot of details from Jaguar right now so all we can do is wait and see.