Expectations For Mazda RX-9 Raised Thanks To Epic RX-7

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It isn’t any huge surprise to hear that Mazda are developing the next generation Mazda RX-9. This is the vehicle that is going to take over from where the RX-8 left off and it should offer superb performance. One of the most unique things about the vehicle is that it will come with a rotary engine.

At the moment the rotary engine is still being developed by Mazda so the Mazda RX-9 is going to be a long way off yet. Of course Mazda does have to come up with something special if they are to beat the RX-8 and RX-7.

Recently a video clip was uploaded and we got to see a special version of the RX-7. It’s one that comes from the FD range and which has been heavily modified so that it gives out more than 400 horses.

With the RX-7 being able to offer up so much power we now know why it is taking Mazda so long to come up with the Mazda RX-9 as the RX-7 is going to be difficult to beat.

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