Evo 2020 Not Canceled For Now

A lot of event organizers are canceling their event amid the Covid-19 crises but for Evo Championship Series which will be starting in July, the event is still happening for now as the organizers have not canceled the event yet.

The organizers posted on Twitter clarifying that they are monitoring the outbreak to access the situation. For now, Mandalay Bay will be close but the organizers are assuming that it will open back in July.

Evo 2020 was to have tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Tekken 7, SoulCalibur VI, and a few more.

If they do decide to cancel the event, the tickets will be refunded. Other major events like E3 2020 have also been canceled but the organizers are looking to do an online version of the event but that might be possible for EVO 2020.