Everything Depends On Portal 3 For Valve

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While the developer Valve is getting better when it comes to creating multiplayer games, we have seen this with Dota 2, they have been ignoring gamers who like single player games and it seems that they are getting fed up of it.

Valve can make superb single player games, however they do seem to have issues when it actually comes to sending these games out. Half-Life fans have been waiting for what seems to be forever for the third instalment of the game to arrive and yet they are nowhere nearer. Portal fans have been waiting for the arrival of Portal 3 but Valve has never opened up about working on it.

Fans believe that Portal 3 was part of the plan by Valve thanks to the ending of the last game in which Chell was in a field with a companion cube.

Should the developer keep on ignoring what fans want then there is going to come a time when gamers will give up them. So it seems that everything depends on Portal 3 for Valve so they better do something about it.

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