Everspace 2 Hits Funding Target of €500,000

The crowdfunding campaign for Everspace 2 had only two days left when it hit it targeted €500,000 meaning there will be a sequel for the game.

The development team thanked the community for their support and since they campaign managed to hit the first stretch goal, the developer will have to deliver on their promise to add an area in the game known as The Ancient’s Rift, an endgame zone that will put players to the challenge.

While the first game was released on PC first before being released on console, the new game will be offered on all three platforms. Fans were also hoping that the game would be released on Switch like the first game but there is no mention of that yet.

The game was playable at PAX West this year while a demo will be out this December. Those that pledge €40 or more will get a chance to test it out.