Epic Free Games For Next Week Announced!

Epic has continues to offer up free games to their Epic Games subscribers and they have now announced the games that we will be getting next week.

It was announced that Figment and Tormenter x Punisher will be arriving next week for free. The games will be added on the 26th of March and will be taken out on the 2nd of April. The former is an action-adventure game with a hand-drawn environment and a great soundtrack. You will be playing as Dusty as they become a heroic guardian.

The second game, on the other hand, is a fast-paced top-down action game where you can one-hit most of the enemies but you will also get kill with one hit. You need to try to survive and adapt to clear the enemies. The game does have a very high rating so it might be an interesting one to try out especially since it is free.

There is also still some time for players to claim Watch Dogs and Stanley Parable