Entry-Level Volkswagen ID Hatchback Teased In New Christmas Card

It is not the first time that Volkswagen used their Christmas Card to teased an upcoming model as we did get to see the ID. Buggy teased on their cards last year and this year, there is another card teased on their card.

This time, the car is believed to be the ID hatchback. The image is pretty dark but we can make out the long windscreen with the flat roof design. In the back, we can also see the LED light car and rounded fascia.

According to Autocar, the teaser is for an entry-level electric vehicle codenamed ID Entry and that we will be seeing the concept next year before it goes into production in 2020. It will be riding on an updated version of the MEB platform which will reduce the overall manufacturing cost of the vehicle. It was also predicted that it will offer about 130 to 150 miles of range.

There is still we do not know about the vehicle right now so we will have to wait and see.