Elder Scrolls To Follow Fallout’s Lead

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With the kind of fanbase that Fallout had, Bethesda was certain that anything game that is related to the franchise would be a huge hit and they were right. The Fallout Shelter for mobile device did better than expect and some people believe that Bethesda might do the same for Elder Scrolls as well.

Just like Fallout, the Elder Scrolls fanbase is also pretty huge and the fans have been waiting for Bethesda to release a new game for years now. Based on what we know now, it looks like it might take a few more years before the Elder Scrolls 6 game would be ready. So what can Bethesda do for them in the meantime? Well, how about a mobile game for Elder Scrolls?

Of course, Bethesda did not announce or confirm anything but they did say that they have another unannounced game that will be arriving in 2017. We do not know what it is but the fans seem to think that it might be related to Elder Scrolls.

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