Elder Scrolls 6 A Long Way Off, “Adventures In Hammerfell” On The Other Hand?

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There could be a Skyrim release from Bethesda in another few months as the company have trademarked the Redguard name. This led to rumours that a new DLC could arrive in Spring.

Right now there hasn’t been any confirmation about the DLC being called Redguard or when the game will be released. If you take a look back into the history of Bethesda you can see that they trademark DLCs before releasing them and as they have trademarked Redguard it is safe to say that it may well be the next DLC to come out.

At the moment we don’t know a great deal about Redguard, but fans have been talking. The Official Xbox magazine has been talking about a release of Redguard after they said that the trademark says it is “downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices.”

They believe that the DLC could take players to Hammerfell which is the home town of the Redguards. They said “You may already know from playing Skyrim that the Redguards are the fiercest warriors around. They also hate wizards and most types of magic.”  They went on to say that Redguards are “reportedly skilled in the use of Destruction magic, the latter aren’t big fans of wizards in general — they regard any combat art that doesn’t deal out punishment directly as dangerously effete.”

Some people believe that Redguard is just a rumour and that it could have been trademarked just to make sure that no one else can use it. In the past before releasing them as DLCs they have trademarked Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, before then going on to release them as a DLC. However they have not trademarked any of the factions or locations.

They also said that a DLC could take place in Dragonstar as this was where the Redguards and the Nords live. According to the Elder Scrolls Wiki “the city is (or at least, was) a hotbed of political contention, chopped up Berlin-Wall-style between the Nords and Redguards in the aftermath of a long-ceased war. Visit the site today (you’ll need access to a PC version and mod tools) and you’ll find only an oddly featureless, geometry-less stretch of land dotted with pine trees. Going on technological insight that I absolutely don’t have, this would seem a good foundation for an add-on: the less extant landscape there is to wrangle with, surely, the easier new assets are to install.”

It could be interesting to see a DLC in Dragonstar as we have seen this in Skyrim Dragonborn. The game may take place off shore. DLCs could be one way of publishing the universe before Elder Scrolls online comes around.

Fans of Elder Scrolls may want to bear in mind that the DLC has been linked with another title in which fans came across the Ebony Warrior who was a Redguard.

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