Elder Scrolls 6 Can Take Its Sweet Time, “Adventures In Hammerfell” Is What We’re Hoping For

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There may be another Skyrim DLC out within months, as the company has trademarked the name Redguard, leading to rumours about a new add-on.

There’s no word of a release date, or even confirmation of the name, but historically, Elder Scrolls has seen Bethesda trademarking a name and then bringing out new DLC with that name. So, if we’re to see a Redguard add-on, what’ll it be like?

We don’t know much about it, but this hasn’t stopped speculation. The Official Xbox mag has talked about the release of Skyrim Redguard DLC after saying that Bethesda has trademarked Redguard as a: “downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices.”

The mag also said that Redguard would take players to the Redguard’s home, Hammerfell. “You may already know from playing Skyrim that the Redguards are the fiercest warriors around. They also hate wizards and most types of magic.” Xbox also describes the Redguard as: “reportedly skilled in the use of Destruction magic, the latter aren’t big fans of wizards in general — they regard any combat art that doesn’t deal out punishment directly as dangerously effete.”

Some reckon that Redguard is just a rumour, and that Bethesda has just trademarked the name to prevent anyone else using it. But, the company has in the past trademarked Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire before they came out as DLC – Bethesda hasn’t trademarked factions or locations ever.

The magazine has also pondered about the location of the DLC. It might be Dragonstar, the city of the Redguards and the Nords. Elder Scrolls Wiki says the city is a hotbed of political tension, divided up in a Berlin-stylee into the Nords and the Redguards after a big war. Go there now, on a PC with mod tools, and you’ll see a flat, featureless land with just the odd pine tree to break up the monotony. This looks like a good blank canvas for an add-on if ever there was one.

An expansion in Dragonstar would be interesting, especially after playing Skyrim Dragonborn 6. Most of the game could well be set offshore, and the new DLCs might be a way of getting us more familiar with the lands before Elder Scrolls goes online.

Elder Scrolls fans might want to think about the fact that there’s been a rumour about the DLC having another title out, and this is one that featured a hard-to-beat enemy – the Ebony Warrior, who was, in fact, a Redguard.

Are you getting excited about a Redguard DLC for Skyrim, or is it time for Elder Scrolls 6?

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