Elder Scrolls 6 Takes Backseat For ‘Adventures In Hammerfell’ DLC?

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Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2 – call it what you want but the next big title from Bethesda has been flying around in the rumor mill for a good few years now.

Now the rumor mill is suggesting that we may not see a Skyrim 2 or Elder Scrolls 6 so far, but don’t fret because the same rumor says that Skyrim fans still have something to look forward to – a new DLC.

Rumored to be called Adventures in Hammerfell, the next Elder Scroll 5 DLC may not require much background information given that we know what (or where) Hammerfell is. It also happens to be the place of Redguards, possibly the most feared of warriors. They also happen to dislike wizards.

Some people think that a Hammerfell DLC would be the last we can expect from Bethesda before an Elder Scrolls 6. Whatever it is we will be good news for Skyrim fans one way or the other. We will keep you posted as more develops.

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