Elder Scrolls 6 May Arrive During 2018

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One year ago Bethesda said that Elder Scrolls 6 wasn’t in development, so people took it that the game was going to be many years away. Now we have started to hear about clues that may suggest when we will get to see the game arrive and they are pointing to 2018.

One of the first indications that we may see Elder Scrolls 6 make its way out in 2018 is the fact that the developer has said that they are not doing a lot of work with Fallout 4 during 2017. This must mean that not a lot more work is needed for the AAA game and this leaves them free to develop a new game.

Fallout and Elder Scrolls are about the only two games that Bethesda develops, unless they say different. This means that if they don’t have work to do on Fallout 4 then they are freeing up time to work on Elder Scrolls 6.

Pete Hines from Bethesda answered questions about Elder Scrolls 6 and he said “we will tell you when there is something to reveal about”.

While many people believe that he may be trying to play down the hype others think that Elder Scrolls 6 is now being developed. In the past this is what has happened with games when he responds to queries.

So do you think that Bethesda may surprise everyone with the launch of Elder Scrolls 6 next year?

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