Elder Scrolls 6: Fans Don’t Trust Them Anymore

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With online games now being more and more popular, the fans were worried that when it comes to Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda would pay more attention to its multiplayer online mode and not the single player mode.

Bethesda came out to reassure fans that they will commit to single player when it comes to Elder Scrolls 6 but the fans are just not convinced and that is because Bethesda has said it a lot of times but all the games that we saw this year did not reflect that at all.

At this point, it is still way too early to start speculating on what Elder Scrolls 6 will be offering as the game is still pretty far away but we do hope that the game can continue to be the amazing single-player game that it has always been.

What are your predictions for Elder Scrolls 6?

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