Elder Scrolls 6 Can Wait, Current Game Still Has A Few More Surprises

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If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the mythical (well, not so mythical since it’s still going to be released in the near future) Elder Scrolls 6, put that aside first. That’s because there’s a new mod out there for the current Skyrim that would pick your interest. Or not.

You probably would have thought about this whilst playing the Skyrim game, thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice and cool to have the characters riding around on Segways?” And if you really did ponder about the possibility of that ever happening, the good news (or bad news for some) is that it’s really happening.

Apparently, there’s this new mod that does just that. Probably a little disclaimer up front that you shouldn’t be eating while reading about this post (and the image above), but it’s far too late. Sorry, not sorry. But then again, it’s not that bad, isn’t it? At least it’s something refreshing; weirdly-refreshing, to put it kindly.

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