Elder Scrolls 5 Mod: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

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If you’ve been waiting for the Elder Scrolls 6 release, you’ve got to put that aside and pay some attention here. Somebody apparently has had nothing better to do but created a Skyrim mod that nobody would have ever wanted to enjoy. But it’s something you cannot miss, because it’s that hilarious.

You’ve probably thought about this while playing Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, “it would be pretty cool to have characters riding around on Segways!” so we’re now introducing you to one. The image above clearly shows you everything and we certainly cannot hide the immense laughter, so we doubt you can too.

It’s silly and randomly funny at the same time, and this particular mod really cracks people up. Perhaps this has gotten fans to feel slightly morbid about it; it’s more like mocking the game rather than enhancing the gaming experience for fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. Check out some other pictures below that are courtesy of the mod and tell us what you think.




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