EA Coming To E3 2017 With 8 Games, Burn Out & Dead Space Frontrunners

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EA has announced that they will be coming to E3 with 8 games this year. Of the 8 games that EA will be talking about, we already know what six of them will be but the two is still a mystery.

It is clear that EA will keep that information under a tight lid until E3 but that does not mean that the fans won’t start to speculate. While nobody has any clue what EA plans to work on, some fans are hoping that the two mystery games could be a new Dead Space game or maybe Burn Out. Others think that it could be Skate 4.

Of course, it could also be a totally new IP which we would also welcome. As for the rest of the games, we know that EA will be talking about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, NBA Live 18, Need for Speed Payback as well as Battlefield 1.

What are you hoping to see from EA?

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