E3 2020 Participants Outed By Leak

While some companies have already announced whether they will be attending E3 2020 or not, most of them have not said anything yet but we now know some of the companies that will be attending thanks to the leaked participant’s list.

The list was spotted by forum users on ResetEra who found it E3 ‘s website which went live for a short while before it was locked with a password. The short time it was live, people got to see some of the names in the list which includes some big names like Bethesda, Epic Games, Capcom, Activision, Square Enix, Seda and more.

We did not see Microsoft there but we do know that Xbox will be at E3 2020. We do know that Sony will be skipping E3 once more. On the website, it was also mentioned that there will be some enhanced security features for the media this year.

E3 2020 will be starting on the 9th of June until the 11th of June.