E3 2018 Games That Will Keep Us Waiting

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While most developers and publisher chooses to only announce the game when they are close to releasing it, others like to give fans a heads up and make them wait for it. Here are some of the games announced at E3 that we will have to wait for.

One of the more exciting games announced at E3 this year is the Elder Scroll 6. After all the speculations, we now know that the game is being developed but of course, we won’t be seeing it this year.

Then there are games like Beyond Good and Evil 2 which we already knew was being developed and were hoping that it would be ready before 2018 ends but it looks like the wait is far from over. At least we got to see more of it this year.

Some games like Skull & Bones, Anthem and Days Gone were all set to be released this year but was pushed into 2019 but that is upsetting but maybe the extra time is needed to make the game better.