Dying Light: Bad Blood Won’t Last With What It Has

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Battle Royale mode is getting a lot of attention now and naturally, all the developers would want to have something similar to offer. Well, that is what Dying LIght developers are doing but with what they have to offer in their new Bad Blood, it does not look like it is going to be a Fortnite rival anytime soon.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is now available on Steam Early Access and it does have some good points like the lower player count and prevalent PvE encounters, fans are saying that there is just not enough content to keep the players around for a longer time.

When you first enter the game, it might look like there is a lot to explore but it will only take you a few matches to familiarize yourself with the map. They did try to change things about like replacing the shrinking circle with a landing or escape zone for players that reach their targeted points as well as the Hives that are protected by zombies but overall, it does feel like the game needs more.

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