No DualShock Support For PS4 But How About Vice-Versa?

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Anyone thinking of buying the Sony PS4 console when it comes out in the US at the end of the year, may wish to know about one key piece of information which Sony didn’t mention during their press release in New York. The new system features a new dual shock for controller and technology by way of the touchpad, it has sharing buttons and motion sensing capabilities that have been enhanced.

While it does look very impressive and developers will be able to cope with some very innovative ideas for new games, there is a negative aspect. The existing PS3 dual shock 3 controller isn’t supported on the new hardware of Sony.

Sony did show at the event that PS3 playback will be through streaming, however users will have to rely on the new dual shock 4 pad or the PS Vita if they want to control the games. Of course owners may have wanted to use their older pads on the new system and they will be very disappointed, however this shouldn’t come as any big surprise, this is due to the new tech which Sony put into the PS4 hardware.

On the good side is the fact that the new PS4 system will come with a headset, this is due to the new dual shock 4 pad having a built-in headphone jack. This would be brilliant for the next generation games, people will be able to communicate online and this will enhance games that thrive on communication, such as online shooters.

Anyone who owns the existing Move controller will be happy to hear that it will work with the PS4 and you will not have to buy new one. So what do you think about the lack of support for the PS3 dual shock 3 controller on the new console?

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