DROID DNA: Verizon Confirms Its HTC J Butterfly Variant Prematurely

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Ever since the HTC J Butterfly was launched in Japan, folks here in the US have been searching for clues as to when they would get a chance to buy a 1080p phone.

Verizon DROID DNA is the US HTC J Butterfly

Luckily, even before the HTC J Butterfly was announced there were already rumors going around of a HTC 1080p phablet making its way to Verizon. Now that we know this is obviously a variation of the HTC J Butterfly, it would be just a matter of time before more details popped up.

Thankfully it already has as Droid-Life points out that Verizon has now confirmed the name of its 5-inch HTC 1080p phone – it’s called the DROID DNA.

DL points out that Verizon’s own support pages references an ADR6435 that’s listed as the HTC Droid DNA. We already saw this name in a MAP list last week so this is just something more official direct on Verizon’s website.

While nothing much else is known about the Verizon DROID DNA we can make some educated guesses. For one it should share almost identical hardware to the HTC J Butterfly but exterior wise it will feature DROID branding. Secondly we can expect it to be compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE network just like all other top-end Android devices. That’s about it for now.

More on this as it develops.



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