Dream Fight Between Honda Ridgeline And 2017 Ford Ranger

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People have said that they would like to see a dream fight between the 2017 Ford Ranger and the Honda Ridgeline in the US. We have heard confirmation about the Ridgeline but we haven’t heard anything about the Ranger.

The engine in the Honda Ridgeline is 3.5 litres V6 and you should get good fuel economy ratings from it. It comes with Intelligent Terrain Management and this means that owners are able to choose between normal terrain, mud, sand and snow.

The Honda Ridgeline comes with many safety features and they include lane keeping assistance, lane departure, forward collision and many more.

The Ford Ranger was spotted being tested in the US and it is said that it should be coming out in 2017. We have no idea if or when the Honda Ridgeline is going to be doing the same.

But would you choose the Ford Ranger or would you go for the Honda Ridgeline?