What No Dragonborn For PS3 Skyrim Means To Gamers

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There is just a few days to go before the release of Dragonborn on the Xbox 360 and while this is great news for those with the console, what about owners of the PS3 and PC? So what is all the fuss about Dragonborn?

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC: what we know

Dragonborn will be out on 4th December for the Xbox 360 and that is what PS3 owners are green with envy about. When Heathfire was released this was a relatively small expansion in comparison with Dragonborn, which happens to be about the same size as Dawnguard. However neither is as large as Shivering Isle on Oblivion.

If you saw the recent trailer which was released for Dragonborn then you will know what the Skyrim DLC offers to gamers. Gaming websites pulled the trailer apart and gave their insight into what they thought the game would offer, along with pointing out some features. Of course Bethesda is not saying much at this time and so the video is well worth taking a look at.

The Dragonborn DLC is based around the search for the first Dragonborn. The player then has to take on and beat it. According to IGN, the man in the video with the helmet could be the villain in the game and it has been suggested that you will be able to use dragon shouts. A new feature in the game is spectral armour and Bonemold Armour from Morrowind is also thought to play a part in the game.

In the video you can see a blue dragon and it shows fans of the game lots of information in what they say is the villain. In just a few short days now gamers with the Xbox 360 will get their hands on the DLC. Those with the PS3 can do nothing but pray that the content will come to them.

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